Salvatore Ferragamos: Check these out, they are so worth it

The shoemaker to the stars huh? Yeah I think that sounds right. Salvatore Ferragamo and his brand produce some of the nicest and aesthetically pleasing shoes on the market. Current celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Karlie Kloss have been seen walking around in Ferragamos. Salvatore Ferragamo himself was a cobbler, he worked with shoes for a living and while he was alive designed shoes for people like Marilyn Monroe and other top Hollywood stars of his day. To me, the Italians are the best when it comes to fashion, their designs are so simple yet so elegant. I currently have 2 pairs of Ferragamos and I love everything about them. Whether it’s the comfort that everyone raves about or the classic looks, Ferragamos seem to have it all.

One thing about Ferragamos is the classic, yet stylish look they have. The other day I was at Woodbury outlets in New York going in and out of all the stores. I saw a nice pair of Prada side zip boots that I wanted to buy but thanks to my friend Sarah I didn’t. Then we went to Ferragamo and the first thing I noticed were some suede buckle boots. Classic design yet with a twist. I immediately fell in love with them and when they fit I knew I had to get them as these were the boots I have wanted for a while. The second I put them on my friend was like Jeremy you see these on your feet?! I hadn’t yet but I walked over to the mirror, and I was oh damn. I just felt like I was in Manhattan about to go up to a celebrity. Like seriously whenever I put them on I just feel on top of the world. The suede just pops and the buckles even more. There’s also a rubber pad on the bottom built into the leather sole, so no need to go to the cobbler. The boot itself is also extremely comfy and the ankle isn’t even stiff, no blisters! Even better these boots were on an extra 30% off and for a college kid like myself that’s huge. The Ferragamo outlet, especially at this time of year always has great prices for the shoes.

My other pair of Ferragamos are some loafers. I’m sure you can tell that I love the color brown. I find that nice brown shoes are more versatile and noticeable then black. The simple, streamline body of these loafers and the minimal stitching is what attracted me to them. There is no excess design or out of the ordinary feature on the loafers. Ferragamo shoes tend to be a bit narrow, I personally am a E, these are also an E and they did feel a bit narrow, not too bad though. The good part about these shoes is that they were really easy to stretch out, try the hair blower trick. It’s funny though because the boots I got are a D and fit me fine though, so still try on each pair before buying to make sure they do or don’t fit. For all of you that want a logo or a symbol to make sure that others know what they are, don’t worry. All Ferragamo horsebit loafers have the horseshoe shaped rings on the bit, which makes them instantly identifiable. These rings do not take away from the appearance or class of the shoe. After all what makes a horsebit loafer a horse bit loafer is the metal bar and rings. All in all you can just see, smell, and feel the high quality of the Italian leather in these loafers, they really are comfortable and well made.

Something unique about Ferragamo compared to Louis Vuitton or Balenciaga is that Ferragamo is still family owned and has not been sold to a group such as Kering.

Out off all the European dress shoes or loafers, anything but sneakers, I have or have worn, Ferragamos are tied with Gucci as the most comfortable. It’s funny because when I first got into fashion Ferragamo was never a name that really stood out to me or seemed mainstream such as Gucci. It wasn’t until I went to the Ferragamo store and tried on a pair that I was turned onto the company and wanting to buy the product, but now I love everything about Ferragamo.

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